All our cattle are born, raised, and mature on our farm.

We raise Simmental cattle, naturally -- without antibiotics or growth hormones. All our cows are milk-fed, grass-fed, and grass-and-grain finished to ensure superior flavour and tenderness. We grow all our own grass silage for winter feed on our pesticide-free pastures.  Our farm is SPCA certified and we are a Verified Beef Producer. 

Our beef is sold by the quarter, half, or whole animal. The price varies according the weight of the individual animal.  We also offer a 30-pound Family Pack that sells for $285.  Not every Family Pack is the same, but a typical Family Pack contains: 

  • 2 roasts
  • 6-8 steaks
  • 2-3 packages of stew beef
  • 10-14 packages of ground beef. 

Our beef is in high demand so it must be pre-ordered.  If you would like to be added to our customer list, please fill out the form below.  Our beef is available beginning in January.

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